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You want to spend less time searching for candidates and more time on your day-to-day business?
We support you in the successful recruitment of your desired candidates.

Are you looking for a sales/marketing personnel consultancy for SMEs?
You don’t need to look any further, you’ve found us.

Effective and successful recruitment is no longer an easy task for companies in today’s highly competitive market for professionals.
With our personnel consulting services, we support mainly medium-sized companies with various search services in the successful recruiting of their desired candidates.

But even before the recruitment process and also afterwards, there are crucial phases (such as employer branding and employee retention) that are often neglected. As a personnel consultancy, we offer you further services here to successfully implement the personnel search.

Today, no company can afford to regard “employer branding” as a “nice to have”. However, you can create attractive employer branding only if you know precisely what makes your company attractive to your employees and what they see as critical.
A successful recruiting process on one side fizzles out if, on the other side, existing employees (inwardly) quit because they are dissatisfied. In employer branding and for employee retention, employee surveys are elementary because it is your employees who fill your employer brand with life.
And finally, for the successful cooperation of “old and new” and employee retention sensible teambuilding measures are another key building block.


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We bring opportunities and talents together.

Whether it’s sales and marketing recruitment or staffing services,
we are deeply engaged with our client’s businesses and our
candidates’ careers. We bring opportunities and talents together.

In addition, our service portfolio includes the Recruiting Audit,
because we know:
Not always the comprehensive services of a personnel consultancy
are needed. But sometimes advice on how to do it better.

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Digitalisation is also changing
the B2B sales

Digitalisation is also changing the

B2B sales

These days, customers can get almost any information they want from the internet. 75 % of customers have already made their purchase decision (usually well informed) before they contact a sales representative (Source: LinkedIn). The demands on sales in terms of knowledge of individual customer needs, professional competence, rhetorical skills, negotiation skills and the entire sales process are thus once again increasing significantly!

As a result, digitalisation offers companies of all sizes enormous opportunities to set themselves apart from the competition. At the same time, it also means a great challenge for sales. The balance of power in sales has changed. It is shifting more and more to the side of the customer. As a result, the requirement profiles for sales staff are also changing – for everyone!


The next generation of decision-makers prefers first contacts via adequate social media channels (LinkedIn/Xing) as a basis for decision-making in face-to-face meetings. That results in new requirements for the sales force and the outbound sales force in terms of the changed form and quality of the acquisition of potential new customers.


Sales managers will experience the most significant changes and challenges. Especially in the subjects of social selling, distribution of tasks in field and office sales, evaluation of work performance, generational diversity and an even more individualised leadership style.


The demands on knowledge, skills and abilities of in-house sales staff are also increasing. In future, they must be able to move flexibly in all communication channels of the Internet to meet the increasing demands of customers for speed, scope and quality of information.


We support you in finding the digital specialists and managers who understand your business, fit in with your sales department and, together with them, successfully merge the traditional and new (online) communication channels.

What you can expect from us

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Christine Wagener
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Wolfgang Wagener
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We are specialists

We have many years of experience in operational and strategic sales, the development of Assessment Centres and potential analyses. And we know how the working world in sales and thus the demands on sales staff have already changed through digitalisation and will continue to change.

We are very well connected

Our many years of experience in sales and personnel consulting and many contacts with potential candidates have resulted in a resilient network.

You don’t always need the full service of a personnel consultancy.

We can also help you with individual services where we can best complement your own measures.

For us, personnel consulting is not a “mass business”.

We plan each project individually and in a structured manner, taking into account the time frame and budget agreed with you. After appropriate pre-selection, we only present candidates who meet your requirement profile.

We are there for you

We thrive on individual relationships with our clients and their trust in our advice


Our work principles


The cooperation with our clients is based on accuracy, openness and trust on both sides.

Employees of our clients will not be contacted as possible candidates for other clients.


Diligence is the top priority. Before any recruitment process, we work with our clients to create an individual and accurate profile of the ideal candidate. We then match this with a realistic search strategy appropriate to the position to be filled.


Through a competent appearance, a high degree of commitment and open communication, we also do justice to our role as the “figurehead” of our clients.


We present our clients only those candidates who, after a comprehensive and careful examination, match the jointly created requirement profile. You decide which of the candidates we have identified you would like to meet in person based on the “expert opinions” we have drawn up.


As a matter of principle, we work based on a binding and exclusive contract award, not on a purely success-based basis – please refer to

Personalvermittlung vs. Personalberatung..


We do not calculate our fees exclusively based on the annual salary of the position to be filled.
Depending on the position, hierarchy and budget, we first agree with you on the optimal procedure for the candidate search. Depending on the estimated effort, our fee is either based on the annual salary or we charge a fixed price.

Some of our clients

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Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 5
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 6
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 7
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 8
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 9
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 10
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 11
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 12
Personnel Consulting for Sales/Marketing and Online Marketing (SME) 13

Our engineering company has been working with Christine Wagener for several years. As managing director, I always rely on Ms Wagener’s profound knowledge. Our company benefits from her skills in personnel consulting, among other things, as she was able to fill vacant positions with us that exactly matched our requirements profile. We will continue to rely on Ms Wagener’s expertise in the future.

Carsten Wiele

Managing Director , W2 Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Under the leadership of Ms Christine Wagener, we held a team-building process with field and internal sales in our company. The Intention was to break down entrenched structures and behaviours and redefine cooperation in the sales team. The open, honest and objective communication promoted by Ms Wagener was a great success. At the end of the team process, we jointly developed a set of rules recognised and signed by all team members. Another success is the sustainability of these rules in dealings with each other. It is applied and quoted again and again in daily business. Many thanks for that!

Christian Cramer

Managing Director, Joliente Kaffeerösterei